A how-to video on taking your measurements!

I have a white board in my room that has a list of my “to-do” goals.  Right below my first goal of an art project I haven’t worked on for a year simply put as “finish palm tree”, I have my next goal: MEASUREMENT VIDEO.

Now, this measurement video hasn’t been on my goal list for as long as my yarn-palm-tree-wall-mural but still, it’s definitely been at least three months.

As I sat frustrated in front of my computer, about to write a status update on Facebook asking people what to write about, I happened to look upon that white board covered in messy orange cursive with blaring suggestions of what I should do… all suggestions that I tend to ignore until rare opportunities come when I have excess time.  Or the other rare opportunity when I get a burst of extra motivation. It just so happened that somewhere out there, I randomly got motivated to finally make this video!  Even though I only got about four hours of sleep last night thanks to the time change and starting tennis bright and early this morning!

I asked my awesome “roomie” to help out and video with a little digital camera I found laying around.  I jotted down a quick post-it note of what measurements to take, and after my attempts to add color to my cheeks with some blush, I was in front of the camera chatting and measuring away!  Alyssa did a quick review and said it was adorable which helped me because I’ve never been a fan of how I look on video!  So here it is, my youtube debut for those who need some suggestions on how to measure themselves!



For your notes, here are the measurements I reviewed if you want to cut and paste to make a chart.  I also recommend taking measurements of BOTH sides of your body (Arms and legs) because sometimes it can be interesting to see potential small size differences that your dominant arm and leg will have.



Under bust:











So there you go!  I hope you enjoy my video and this comes in handy for those who need it!







PS – I AM SO SORE FROM TENNIS.  The next two months are going to be a challenge with four hours of tennis, pilates, and yoga on Mondays and Wednesdays but I look forward to the results!  I’ll have to do an updated measurements video then!  🙂



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