5 years and 20 pounds – What a difference it makes!

Young Lyssa and Older Lyssa

Hey everyone!  As most of you know, I’m a grad student, studying Mass Media Communication at Cal State Northridge. What is the study of mass communication, you ask? Mass Communication is the proper name for the field of study of Mass Media – any means of communication used to disseminate information en masse. I’m most interested in how people consume media – what it does to our brains, how it makes us feel, think, act, react, etc. You can blame studying mass media for my lack of blogging the next few months. 🙂

I’m halfway through my grad program and I finally took the time last week to get my new student ID. The picture on top was taken at the beginning of 2006, when I was about 20 pounds heavier than I am now. At that time in my life, I didn’t exercise, I ate a lot more crap, and I had no idea what the number on the scale was. I’ve always hated this picture because my face is super round, my hair looks like Amy Grant stuck her finger in a light socket, and I have a gummy, fake smile. It’s just a bad picture. The picture on the bottom was taken last week,  and when I compared the two – WOW, what a difference 5 years and 20 pounds makes!!!

The new picture shows me as a young woman – no longer just an undergrad student working 20 hours a week in bookkeeping, but now, it shows a wife, writer, online content manager and graduate student. It shows somebody who eats lots of fruit and vegetables, somebody who boxes for an hour on Saturday mornings, and somebody who now at least *tries* to avoid the siren song smell of popcorn at the movie theatre. My face looks more mature, and I look happier, leaner, more confident. (I’m also a lot more stressed out than I was in the first picture, but hey, I’m a lot busier now too! haha!)

This picture was exactly what I needed to see because I’ve recently been getting a little bit down about why I can’t seem to just commit and lose the weight. Even though the weight’s not coming off as fast as I’d like it to, I’m at a better place now than I was five years ago. Every little bit counts. Pictures like these are a reminder that all small efforts eventually lead to something bigger and more grand.

(PS: My weigh in Saturday showed a loss of 1.5 pounds – finally down after a few yo-yo weeks!)

Do you have any pictures that make you go ‘Wow, how the times have changed!”?


6 thoughts on “5 years and 20 pounds – What a difference it makes!

  1. I have those moments all the time. I look back at high school and undergrad photos and I can’t believe the changes. It’s funny because you don’t really notice the difference until you compare photos. btw, I just got my id card a few weeks ago and I noticed a more mature look also (albeit tired). you look lovely, my dear 🙂

  2. I love this entry Alyssa. What I really like about it is the point it makes that we all should remember: there is so much going on with us than the number on the scale. While twenty pounds is huge, and you can definitely see the weight in the picture, what I really see, and love seeing is all those other things you mentioned. You are a healthy, happier, and more complete person now, and that, not the weight, is what I think gives you that glow in your second picture. We are not defined by the number on the scale, and we can improve our lives even if that number never actually changes.

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