5 Thoughts on Day 5 of my Liver Detox and Cleanse

1. I ate a pound of brussels sprouts for lunch, per the guidelines of only eating “Cruciferous vegetables, greens and organic apples and pears” for days five through seven. My husband is an unlucky man as I could probably power a hot-air balloon with my own self-made gas.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Vinegar and Rock Salt

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Vinegar and Rock Salt

2. This morning I was thinking about chicken breasts in such detail that I envisioned them dancing around, in a little chicken breast conga line. Who would have thought a simple, flame-grilled cut of lean meat would sound so appealing on day five of a vegan, gluten free, sugar free diet?

I never thought chicken would sound so good. Credit: cdn.ientry.com

3. I just drank my third medical shake of the day (I do four a day for the next two days), and despite doing everything I could to make it taste palatable (aka, unsweetened apple juice, frozen pear slices and ice cubes) it still smells like rancid baby formula and those horrible nougat halloween candies. I’m over it.

Medigenics medical shake #3 is down the hatch.

Medigenics medical shake #3 is down the hatch.

4. I’m trying not to get discouraged about what I’m seeing on the scale. After three days, I was down 3.5 pounds, but this morning, I had bloated 2 of them back. I need to remember these things take time, but damnit, I’m all about instant reward. In my mind, after five days of very dedicated efforts, I expect to be 165 pounds. Maybe my expectations are a TAD bit too high?

5. My energy level feels good. I feel perky and upbeat, and I’m not too hungry, but more than anything, I miss being able to eat a variety of foods. I also miss the convenience of being able to make something quick and easy. I spent an hour today preparing and roasting vegetables for the next two days, and tonight I’ll make my own juice. I’m trying to remember how fortunate I am to be able to afford to eat clean and do something like this, but it’s hard when my husband cracks open an ice cold beer or I smell the delicious aroma of Lenny & Larry’s fudge brownies at work.

My goal for the next two days are to drink a ton of water, take it easy (this means no cardio… just light walking, etc, per the detox guidelines), and try and be conscious of the changes my body is going through. So far, so good, but I’ll be happy on Saturday when I can add rice and lean protein back into the mix. Sunday I can start slowly re-introducing foods, and then on Monday, I’ll get my blood tested again to see how my little liver is doing.

How’s your day going? Do you have any thoughts you’d like to share?



16 thoughts on “5 Thoughts on Day 5 of my Liver Detox and Cleanse

  1. The good thing is this is only temporary! It’s like when you’re sick and have to take your medicine til it’s all gone and then it’s over. Your liver is going to be the best liver ever LOL

  2. Try not to focus on the scale this week. Will you lose weight? Probably. But focus on this medical detox as just what it is – what the doctor ordered to see what is going on inside of you, not a weight loss technique. The focus is making sure you are healthy – any weight loss is just icing on the cake (sorry, bad phrase choice, but “caramelization on the Brussels sprouts just didn’t flow as well 😉 ).

  3. Speaking of rancid baby formula! I got a free sample of one of those vegan-health shake mixes…and whoa. Like, the amount of grit in my mouth is a sure sign of things to come in my intestines. Why don’t they just market sand mixed with water as a super colon cleanser? This can’t be much different…

    Also, I totally get the “dreaming of dancing grilled white meat” thing. It’s amazing what deprivation can do to our world view. Also, I’m assuming you don’t want me to bring you a basket of cruciferous veggies on Sunday?

  4. Ugh, Brussells Sprouts. 🙁 Don’t know how you managed at all! But it’ll be worth it, I’m sure, when your blood test results come back. Hope you’ve had an extra-tasty breakfast today, and that the food tastes better for the fact that you ate a POUND OF SPROUTS.

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