26.2: The Double Chin Dude’s Los Angeles Marathon

This past weekend, I woke my butt up at 4:00 a.m. (the night of the time change, no less! Who decided on that?!), and prepared to drive my husband and his parents to Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles for Matt’s first marathon! Matt, my double chin dude, has been diligently training for the past five months, suiting up after work and going on long, long, long neighborhood runs. On Sunday, I was a bundle of nerves (he wasn’t), thinking all the worrywart scenarios that a worrywart wife would worry: Would he be hydrated? Should I be worried because of what happened in Boston? What if he got hungry? Etc, etc. We dropped him off, headed over to a Starbucks, caffeinated, and prepared to wait a little while to get breakfast before we met him at the halfway point in Beverly Hills. Look at this beautiful sunrise we were treated with!


There is NO editing in this picture. It was truly like the sky was on fire. It makes me think it almost might be worth being up that early more often. Nah, maybe not. I like sleeping. Especially in my warm bed. Around 7:30, Matt was off! We used the Friend Finder app on the iPhone to track his progress. The app is a little bit big brother, but in instances like tracking someone in a marathon or being at a big event, it was a great idea for keeping tabs on whereabouts.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 9.14.51 PM

We set up station in Beverly Hills, right along the corner of the famous Rodeo Drive. While we waited, we made signs and cheered on other runners. I didn’t think being a cheerleader would be so fun– it was such a great boost to call out someone’s name, wiggle a sign at them, and see how they lit up into a huge smile and visibly got a burst of energy from being encouraged.

After about an hour of cheering, we saw Matt’s yellow shirt in the distance! He ran right up to us, and was still in remarkably good spirits for having just run 17 miles. We showed him our signs, exchanged some quick hugs, and he was off again.



Next up was our friend Jason! Jason also was in a good mood and looking remarkably chipper for running 17 miles in 80 degree heat. (With no electrolytes – the marathon ran out of Gatorade! No good.)


Once Jason and Matt were on their way, we headed over to Santa Monica, a lovely two hour drive thanks to the families of 26,000 people trying to get to see their loved ones cross the finish line. Matt finished his first marathon in 5 hours and 20 minutes, and I’m so amazed by his efforts! While I don’t see myself as the marathon type, I think it’s an incredible physical and mental challenge. I may not be the running 26.2 miles kind of person, but I just might be the walking 60 miles type person. More on that later 😉

Matt’s advice to anyone wanting to run a marathon? “Just keep training.” What do you think? Could you see yourself crossing the finish line at 26.2? Have you? Share your stories!

(PS: Weigh in post coming soon! I missed last week but weighed in yesterday. 🙂 )



13 thoughts on “26.2: The Double Chin Dude’s Los Angeles Marathon

  1. I’m planning on doing my first one this year!! If all goes as planned it will be Ventura Beach on September 7, 2014! nervous as heck…but I’m not getting any younger so I might as well do it now! hahaha

  2. Thanks Love for all your support! I couldn’t have done it without you. For everytime in training you made sure I was eating enough or texting me to see if I was wrapping up my run at 11:00 PM. Seeing your bright smiling face at mile 17 helped me power through the rest 🙂

  3. OMG that photo! WOW.

    Also — LOL @ “Double Chin Dude.” I guess everyone’s got a nickname for their husband (i.e. Chris and “The Wife”).

  4. I barely finished a half marathon. I always wanted to cross the 26.2 off my list, but not anymore. I’m so happy to say I finished a half marathon. I would like to say I’ve run a half marathon with no walking or annoying bathroom stops, but whatever.

  5. Holy crap! That is both the most stunning and the most eerie photos of the LA sky ever! I live in LA and I get up early daily, but I never see it like that. Probably because my apartment faces WEST – I get some pretty wicked sunsets though 🙂

  6. I´m also planning to run my first marathon this year and
    I have already trained for about half a year.
    This year I’ll do it!!! – I have decided !!!
    Thanks! =)

  7. I once run 5k..once 🙂 after that i was laying in bed for two days straight –haven’t trained at all and though my youth will handle it…so wrong, lol! will try to come back to this post in a few years and see if I manage to run at least a half-marathon by then! this blog certainly motivates me enough!

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