Happy Halloween! Keeping the confidence (even in costume!) by April

This past week has been quite exciting for me as it is my favorite time of the year, Halloween!  I don’t go out all too often but when Halloween is coming, I transform from a loyal-to-my-leaf caterpillar into an enthusiastic social butterfly.  I successfully went out three nights this past weekend, each night in a different costume.

I don’t feel the best about myself all the time because of my weight but it doesn’t stop me from being comfortable with myself while I am in public, especially at Halloween time.  The past two years worth of costumes have rocked because I’ve been getting a lot of positive attention from the opposite sex which DEFINITELY boosts up my confidence levels.  Or maybe the guys just really like costumes that emphasize a woman who brings them beer. (Last year I was a Czech/Swedish beer girl and this year I was a German version.)

Last night while I was at one of the parties, a group of us girls were all sitting around with each other gabbing when one of them looked at their phones, sighed, and said “my friends don’t want to come out because they think they’re too fat.”  We all laughed and I told her that even if they were fat, they should rock it and come out anyway.  The girl said that her friends were not fat at all and actually were quite thin but just lacked the confidence to come out in a costume.

Upon my initial shock of hearing that news, I reminded myself of what I learned while I was working at the women’s gym a few years ago.  I learned that the women I thought would have 100% confidence in themselves were just as nervous about their bodies as a woman packing the extra pounds. It didn’t matter if the woman was a size 2 or a size 20.  She still had issues about herself that she didn’t like, whether it was the way the fat bunched together on her back or the way her veins would show through her fat-less skin.

If I knew then what I know now, I would tell these women that what they should be focused on is not worrying about what others think of them but worrying about the way they view themselves.  I feel confidence is one of the most attractive personality features in a person because it shows that THEY are the most important person in their lives.  Plus, how can you expect others to be able to love you if you can’t even love yourself?


Lots of love and a little bit candy,






Thailand 20 Tuesday – Week 3

Hello everybody! Hard to believe my third week of Thailand 20 Tuesday has come and gone. Lately I look at the calendar and think “WHERE DID 2012 GO?!” It’s been pretty wild how time keeps going faster and faster. I’m happy to report this week I lost 1.8 pounds! While it’s not quite my weekly goal of 2, it’s damn close and that’s just fine with me.

Last week I had a couple of things that helped me stay on track – like exercise! Here I am after an hour-long bootcamp class. I wanted to quit so many times, because this class was HARD – cardio, and then intense weight lifting in intervals. But each time I wanted to quit, I reminded myself that everything I’ve accomplished in my life has always been filled with those moments where you just want to stop. But you don’t stop – you keep going, and then eventually, that long, hard battle comes to an end and the victory is even sweeter.

I also ate pretty clean this week. Matt and I enjoyed delicious and rustic meals like grilled chicken breasts and roasted vegetables. I love meals like this because I can eat as many vegetables as I want!

I really focused on the protein this week. A lot of you know I’m not a big meat eater, and I probably eat vegetarian 80% of the week. I really tried to make sure I got protein somehow this week – like tonight, where in addition to three pieces of bacon (yummy), I made an egg white omelet packed with lots of fresh veggies. The egg whites help me get up there in the protein, and because it’s not meat, I don’t have that heavy feeling after. (PS: Breakfast for dinner? WINNER!)

This week I need to kick up the exercise even more, and stay focused on eating clean. There’s a few challenges in my way, like Halloween, but I’m determined to keep this trend moving downwards! Tomorrow, April has a great Halloween post about self-confidence, and then pretty soon we’ve got a chance for you to win a fancy new bra from our friends over at FullBeauty. I’ve also got a great review of my rad new scale from the kind people at EatSmart. Lots going on in Double Chin land! As always, thank you for reading – we wouldn’t be here without you! <3

Pumpkin Party!

Contemplating the future of my perfect, round pumpkin

On Saturday, Matt and I headed up north to Ventura to do some outlet mall shopping and visit our friends for a pumpkin carving party!

I ended up carving a kitty, and Matt carved a headless horseman. Here are all the pumpkins lined up after carving. Pretty amazing, huh?

while carving the pumpkins was super awesome, the hostess definitely out did herself with a sumptuous Oktoberfest themed menu! Look at how delicious everything looks.

Because I am a glutton for punishment and you just HAVE to see some close-ups, look at how detailed this party food is! There were chocolate mice (with licorice tails and almond eyes).

There were “Devil” eggs, with red bell pepper horns and scallion beards. (mmmm deviled eggs. I could eat this whole platter.)

There were black widow spider cupcakes, with cute little licorice legs:

My personal favorite, cat poop cookies:

And last but not least, a “bleeding heart” red velvet cheesecake dip. This was SO yummy but I had the good sense to try two little graham crackers of it and then stay far away, lest the hostess find me under the table at the end of the night with smears of dip around my face and unbuttoned jeans.

I actually did just fine with all of this delicious food, and allowed myself a little bit of everything, but kept in moderation. I’m determined to come back tomorrow with a rockin’ Thailand 20 result for you – and as yummy as everything was, I can’t go off-plan every time I see something delicious because that would be all the time. Have you gone to any Halloween parties yet? Were they as amazingly decorated and full of awesome treats like this one? Share!

The Hostess’ Pumpkin – She carved this free hand. I know. Insane! So talented!

Random Thursday Thoughts

Hello friends, how are you? I’m glad it’s Thursday! I don’t have one big topic to talk about today so instead I thought I’d share a bunch of little things that have me thinkin’.

On Sunday, I got a B-12 shot at Sprouts Farmer’s Market. I’ve read a lot about B12 and how it can be a wonder vitamin in curing fatigue, allergies, anxiety and sluggish weight loss – all things that ail me. I decided to invest for $30, as $30 for a “cure” for all those things would be well worth it. Sadly, it’s 5 days in and I haven’t noticed a damn bit of difference. Anyone had any luck with B12 shots? I read somewhere online that it will only help if you have a deficiency of B12, so maybe my B12 levels are A-OK.

Lucia hates that I work from home because it means daily cat photographs. She loves our bed too.

This is the third time that I have set my alarm for early in the morning to go work out… and I don’t go. As in, I put on snooze, snuggle into the sheets and revel in the glory of a warm cat curled up at my feet, a sweetly snoring husband by my side and soft rays of light streaming in through the blinds. Since we upgraded our bed last year to an extra plush cal-king, this bed is like my kryptonite. I’m back to working out at night which is fine, but I really want to give AM exercise a try to see if it helps boost my energy. Anybody got any tips?

The Sleek EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale

I got a new scale! The kind folks at EatSmart are genius and somehow knew that I’m tracking my daily weigh-ins in a shabby little notebook, and they sent me the awesome EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Scale to review. It actually tracks my daily weight and gives a summary of percentage lost and weight lost. I love it so far – watch for a full review tomorrow or Monday.After this week’s maintenance weigh in, I’m happy to report I’m back on a downward trend. I’m committed to coming back here next Tuesday and telling you I’m back on goal!

Melora Creager at the Key Club, Hollywood

Tuesday night, Matt and I went to see Rasputina! Rasputina is an awesome lady cello rock band, and they use distortion pedals on their cellos to make this totally awesome, funky, haunting cello rock. It’s not for everyone but it’s awesome. It was fun getting out of the house and being wild and crazy on a Tuesday night. Usually a wild and crazy Tuesday night for us is going to Costco. That’s how married folks roll, kids. (PS – we bought Halloween candy at Costco and I purposely got candy I don’t like so I stay out of it. The bag is sitting untouched by our book shelf. Maybe I’m getting the hang of this whole healthy livin’ thing! The old Alyssa would have bought the mega size bag of deliciousness and cracked into it weeks before Halloween… and then the kiddies would have gotten stuck with whatever lame candy was left on the grocery store shelves. Womp womp.)

That’s all I got! I hope you’re having a fabulous Thursday – and also, follow me on instagram @lyssacurran. It’s my new fav social platform!


Thailand 20 Tuesday – Week 2 Weigh In

Hi everybody! Well – it had to happen, and while I was hoping it would have happened LATER, my second Thailand 20 Tuesday is a loss of 0 pounds. I’m exactly, to the .2, the same weight I was last week. This isn’t ideal BUT it’s better than yesterday’s weigh in, which was UP 2.2 pounds! After I got over my hissyfit, I did some reflection and here’s what I came up with:


1) I exercised, but not as much as week one. To keep consistently losing, I’ve noticed with the help of this blog I need to be doing at LEAST 30 minutes of cardio, four to five times a week plus other activity. Gotta do more! A workout I plan to do again this week is an hour of crazy high-impact Zumba (I sweat so much. It’s kind of gross, but hey, sweat is just your fat crying.) This is me after Sunday’s zumba class.

2) I did okay with food this week, but not as good as week one. I still tracked everything on MyFitnessPal, but I had a couple moments of weakness like when Matt’s parents were in town and the delicious basket of hot, fried tortilla chips was placed in front of me. Everything in my willpower just goes “POOF” and I’m like…

3) I should know better not to eat a salt bomb a couple days before weigh in. On Sunday, I made this yummy but CRAZY salty Dirty Rice Soup that I adapted from Everyday Food Mag. It called for 4 teaspoons of cajun seasoning and five cans of chicken broth. Even after I diluted with 4 cups of water, it was still sodium-centric. It was yummy though, but I can only imagine how much salt is swirling around my body, still! Is anyone interested in the recipe? If I post it up I’ll make it lighter on the sodium!

Dirty Rice Soup

So – a couple of key learnings this week. There is no room for small error… It’s gotta be, unfortunately, 99% on all the time. So – next week hopefully I can report some better news, but I won’t let this break me for week three. If anything, maybe next week will be a GIANT loss! I can be hopeful, right? How did your week go?

April’s exercise with a view

Yesterday as I sat on Facebook staring blankly at my news feed, I decided that with my ideal weather conditions of 75 and slightly cloudy right beyond the door, Facebook just wasn’t going to be providing me with the fulfillment that my mind and body were craving.

I mentioned in one of my previous posts, “A muddy way to work out”, that my typical exciting way to work out was to go on hikes with gorgeous views.

Plus I finally got some new work-out shoes so I no longer had an excuse of why I shouldn’t take part on walks/hikes/Zumba/unicorn wrestling.

I drove to my favorite place to hike in my town, Putnum Park.   Putnum rocks because there are some pretty extreme hills but also comes with a lot of nice and even terrain.  The park is also has tons of shade which is nice to have after you heave yourself up the first initial steep hill of the hike.

I did this hike a month ago and struggled much more with the hills.  This time around I didn’t have to stop mid-hill to “enjoy the view” at all! I also added in a bunch of running to break in my snazzy new shoes.

Enjoying the view of one of the many trails at Helen Putnum Park in Petaluma, California

The hike also was nice because I got a phone call from my sister, Alyssa, who provided an encouraging voice as I huffed up the trail. Talking to someone ALWAYS makes work outs seem quicker and easier!  Too bad I do the majority of my work-outs alone because I’m so sporadic to when I actually will exercise.

Tomorrow I will attempt Zumba for my first time with a friend of mine.  I’m excited because I know it will be fun but a bit nervous as well since I’ll have to deal with being the slowest one in the class, at least for the first day!

How about you all?  Do you have any awesome places to work out in your hometown?

Peace and monkeys,