Candy Crazy

We’ve been over my weakness before- crunchy, munchy salty deliciousness. I’ve never had a big sweet tooth. Will I turn down a slice of gooey chocolate cake if you put it in front of me? Of course not. But if you put a piece of cake next to a bowl of tortilla chips… I’m going for the chips! However, this week has marked a strange occurence in my craving habits. It’s been Easter time and I’ve been lusting for SUGAR!!!

Peeps? Oh, let me squish their delightfully spongey little bodies into my mouth, one at a time, rejoicing at the gritty, grainy texture of technicolor sugar and melty mallow. I prefer the bunnies, because you can bite their ears off one at a time, the outside just slightly firmer than their mushy belly. Lots of people hate peeps. But I love ’em. Cheap, colorful, festive and total sugar bombs – what’s not to love? I brought two packages to work and they were all gone within a few hours, proving that lots of people love these sandy little snacks.

Where my peeps at?

I also love me some reeses – and when “Reester” bunnies were marked down to $1.25 at Target, I just had to get them. I put them in freezer for the ultimate chilly-cool peanut butter experience… and then savor each bite with a frosty glass of milk. Mmmmm. But reeses and peeps don’t hold a candle to my ultimate candy crack: CADBURY EGGS. No, not these kind, these are Cadbury CREME eggs… (Yes – I do have these in my house. Yes, I am a bad weight loss blogger. Let me just change my title to “Weight Gain Blogger” this week).

I’m talking about Mini Cadbury Eggs – the original! The malty, hard candy coated pastel eggs dotted with delightful freckles and speckles, filled with creamy milk chocolate. The kind that you pop in the freezer and then pop in your mouth, rejoicing  the crackle of the candy shell on your teeth and then the creamy cool sensation of rich, milky cocoa. It’s amazing, and just one reason why Cadbury seriously rocks! Here you can see my current crack – and in true fiending manner, I’ve stashed ’em in a ziplock bag, just like a junkie would store their meth.

So there you have it – your carbo-crazy gal has gone coo-coo for candy! Anyways else experiencing the holiday candy craziness? What’s your fave? (Somebody say jelly beans!)

The F-It Diet

I realize I haven’t checked in about my weight in a few weeks, so here we go. Most of you have gathered by now that I can be very nonchalant about my weight problem. Life gets busy, I get stressed, and I decide I don’t care if I’m 50 pounds overweight, and I carry on doing homework, solving crises at work, being a wife, being a friend, reading, writing… You name it. It’s not the best attitude to have, but it’s mine, so I own it.

The past month or so has been (as usual) appallingly busy, so I kind of just FORGOT about losing weight. I just decided I’d let it be for awhile and deal with it later. Again, I’m aware it’s not the best way to go about things, but it is what it is. I didn’t get on the scale. For weeks. And it felt good. So last week, the scale at the gym seemed to be looking at me longingly, and I decided my unplanned avoidance would come to end. I braced myself for the unpleasant ballooning of numbers, the usual plus 3 or 4 I’m used to. Surprinsingly, the scale stopped 1 pound short of my last remembered number. 1 pound less than it was when I was last at Weight Watchers. Um – how did that happen?

I’d been eating what I wanted. Cadbury eggs, peeps, french fries… you name it. I’d been exercising, but not exorbitantly. But more importantly, I ate only when I was hungry. I’m so damn busy all day and night that I can no longer gorge on bowls of popcorn or eat pretzels at work because I’m bored. It hit me that day that that was it – I ate what I wanted, but only when I was hungry. This is the most simple thing in the world, and it’s baffling to me that I can calculate online advertising analytics, balance a general ledger, play a sonata, and earn a master’s degree, but I can’t master the art of weight loss. Is it REALLY that simple?

Margaret Cho learned that it was. Here’s an excerpt from her blog called the “Fuck It Diet”. (Sorry for the profanity – but it’s funny and worth reading.) I’ve experienced the same thing. Oh yeah – and the scale two days ago was down another 3 pounds.

I guess this”Fuck it Diet” really works.

Margaret Cho is rad.

Fuck It Diet

By Margaret Cho

I have lost some weight which has set off a strange wave of paranoia among people that I have either had my stomach stapled or shut off with a rubber band, or am on some freaky raw food diet or whatever.

What happened was that I was fucking sick and tired of dieting and working out. I fucking was sick and tired of buying clothes that were too small for me so I could ‘thin into them.’ I was fucking sick and tired of eating 5 to 7 small meals a day. I was sick and tired of no carbs. I was fucking sick and tired of thinking about food and not thinking about food. I was fucking sick and tired of my trainer and any type of exercise. I went to a nutritionist and I lost a lot – of money. I never left his office without dropping at least a grand on bullshit. Shakes, pills, supplements, food substitutes, exercise programs. I said “FUCKING FUCK THIS FUCK IT FUCK IT SERIOUSLY FUCK IT FUCK IT FUCK IT FUCK FUCK FUCK IT!!!!”

I stopped going to Fred Segal and getting the one thing in the whole store that fit me. I started buying clothes that fucking fit me, like now. I put away all notions of what diets meant to me, what I was supposed to eat and not supposed to eat. I altogether lost the thought process that carried me through my life – my dieting and exercise regimen – and started thinking about the people I loved, hated, tolerated, laughed at, laughed with. There was a lot of time to read. I wanted to watch old movies. I ate a lot of shitty food. I gained some weight and it was scary. But it didn’t really make a difference. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. I stopped exercising, and started writing. I played with my dogs. I looked at shit on Ebay. I started to eat what I wanted – and kept doing it. Not a food vacation – not a respite between diets. I just was going to eat eat eat eat eat eat and fucking eat some more.

Then, I kind of started to get weirdly thinner. I get it now. Because I don’t care about food, it is there when I want it, I don’t crave it and want it and think about it. Since I can have everything, nothing is that important. I don’t need to eat a whole cake because I can eat a whole cake every day every meal if I want and I don’t care. I don’t prepare to eat because I might be hungry later and ‘they’ won’t have what I have to eat. When I am hungry, I eat. You know, that is what the weird diet is.”

Pumped for Pizza

I enjoyed seeing this photo montage of my reaction to our giant Brooklyn pizza from Redballs Pizza on Sunday night, especially because I wasn’t aware that the two first photos had even been taken, and they capture my “I LOVE FOOD” crazy-face quite well.

I got a groupon for $10 for $20 worth of pizza, and we got this humongous cheese and pepperoni pie. It was really tasty and Matt even said it was better than a Chicago pizza. (At that point, I jokingly pulled off my wedding band and engagement ring and handed them to him, saying “I don’t think it’s going to work out”. I  have fierce Chicago pizza pride, being a native!) (NY pizza is definitely easier to eat and less filling, but there’s something about that cake-like crust that lures me in on a Chi-town pie)

Anyways, I look kind of like a creepy old man who drives a white kidnapper van, except instead of being obsessed with children, I’m obsessed with food. Yep. It’s an addiction.

"Why yes, mr. giant pizza. I will hover over you creepily and then EATZ you!!!"

"OMGZ. This pizza is huge! And hot! And only cost me $10! GET IN MAH BELLY!"

Not realizing my lustiness for Mr. Pizza had been captured before this photo, I pose in a normal manner. "I like pizza. Stop taking pictures so I can NOM!"

It was good. and big. and cheap. And I had leftover pizza for lunch the next day! All praise the pizza! NOW – the ultimate debate. Are you a fan of NY or Chicago style pizza? Never had either? THE HORRORS, get thee to a highly-rated yelp pizzeria, NOW!

What’s in my Pantry? Round 1

Hey peeps. Sorry it took me a bit to get to this post, life is kaaa-razzzz-yyyy right now. Can’t wait till school’s over – As of may 17, I’ll be half way done with my Master’s Degree! Woo, woo! Anyhoodles – let’s take a peek into the Curran pantry, shall we?

Top Pantry - canned goods.

Pretty standard, right? Nothing too too bad, though some would argue cooking with coconut milk is like pumping lard straight into your veins….

The junky part of my pantry.

Ok – here we go. This is the bad part, haha – or as I call it, carb central.

  • Pretzel Slims. So crunchy… so salty… so addictive.
  • Way in the back, Pita Puffs. They’re like pita cracker pillow things. Not very impressive. (From TJs)
  • You can’t see it, but there’s a big box of 100-cal popcorn. Yum.
  • Crystal Light Pure Fitness. This stuff is kind of meh compared to the original Crystal Light, but it keeps me from swigging 10,000 cans of Diet Coke a day.
  • Pop Tarts. I wasn’t fooled by the “20% Fiber” claims.. I know they’re still crap at 190 calories a piece. Sugar bomb!
  • Apple Watermelon Dried Fruit Snacks. These are just ok. They’ve been in there awhile.
  • Another thing you can’t really see- Trader Joe’s individually packaged Kettle Corn. Delicious!
  • Golden Raisins (old people food, but necessary for banana bread)
  • 100 Calorie Pack generic cheez-its. Don’t buy ’em, they taste nothing like the real things.
  • Golden Grahams – Matt must’ve bought these because I had no idea we had them.
  • Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds. LOVE these. Filling, so salty…
  • Fancy Feast – It’s the latest diet fad! (For my kittehs)
  • 1 Giant Sack of Chocolate Whey Protein Powder. For after a good work out.

I feel that this part of the pantry definitely reveals more of my eating habits. My weakness is all about the carb – and the salt. If it’s crunchy and salty, I’m all over it. I also realize from writing this blog that there are a lot of things in my pantry that have been there an embarassingly long time because they didn’t suit my fancy (I can count three or four things on the list above. heh) Perhaps the lesson is I need to clean out my pantry more often?

So come on – some other bloggers should post a picture of their pantry. It’s fun! and revealing! and let’s you know what’s probably covered in mold or stale to the point of breaking a tooth! 🙂

What’s in my Fridge? Round 1

I find myself enamored with the “What’s in “Famous Person”‘s Purse” articles, so I figured you all would be in LOOOOOVE with a blog about what’s in my fridge. Just a tiny bit of sarcasm there. But no, really, isn’t it interesting to know what other people eat? I always want to peek in people’s fridges when I go visit their homes, and sometimes I do… (but only if I know they won’t call me “fridge stalker” after I leave.)

So here’s my fridge as of Sunday:

I should have cleaned.

From top left to right, we got…

  • Sabra Hummus
  • Parmesean Cheese
  • Lime
  • I can’t believe it’s not butter
  • Claussen Pickles (YUM! Only Claussen)
  • Orowheat Double Fiber/Oat Nut Bread (His n Hers)
  • Laughing Cow Cheese
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Diet A&W Cream Soda
  • Eggs
  • Romaine Hearts
  • Tofu
  • Brita Filter
  • Persian Cucumbers
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Leftover Chicken Spaghetti
  • Mushrooms
  • Sugar Free Jello, Pudding and Low Carb Yogurt

Ok – so my fridge totally sounds like a skinny person’s, right?! There’s no lard, or cheesey poofs, or fried chicken… Yes, there’s some mayo on the condiment side, but dude, that’s a pretty healthy sounding refrigerator. Let’s move on to the freezer – Will it reveal my gluttinous side?

From left to right…

  • Trader Joe’s Vegetable Gyoza
  • Vanilla Ice Cream (This is like 2 months old. I should probably toss it)
  • Frozen Artichoke Hearts
  • Frozen Golden Corn
  • Ground Pork
  • Skinny Cow Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches (MMMMMM)
  • Van’s Frozen Waffles (I bought these at Target a month ago and they’ve just been sitting there. Why am I not feelin’ the waffles?)
  • Green Giant Vegetable Medleys
  • Crinkle Cut Fries

So arguably, the freezer is more fatty fatty boom boom, but I still maintain that it’s not a freezer that screams “Obesity”. Will my pantry reveal a more telltale stockpile of starchy sugars and crunchy calories? Only time will tell, in my very next blog post! What would I find if I looked in your fridge? What’s the healthiest thing? How about the most unhealthy?

Satiating Satay

Since food and fatness are indefinitely intertwined, I have to share our latest yummy meal – chicken satay! “Latest yummy meal” is actually a lie, because our latest yummy meal was tonight… I browned ground beef with onions, green peppers, corn and black beans, mixed in some taco seasoning, and covered it with lowfat cheese and cornbread mix… which turned into a cornbread fajita skillet! Yummy yummy. The only drawback was the cast iron skillet meeting Matt’s hand… and leaving a hot little sear mark on his palm. Oops.

But anyways! Chicken Satay! We marinated the chicken in curry for two days, and usedTyler Florence’ Peanut Sauce recipe. (Hi Alycia, lookin’ at you!) I only used half the requested lime juice, and I’m glad I just did half because it was plenty tangy. Here’s me mixing it up in the food processor:

Alyssa and her Pink Freddy Krueger Shirt

And here’s Matt skewering the chicken chunks with big slices of yellow onion:

Matt's SKEWED sense of Chicken Satay (get it? Heh)

I served it with some steamed broccoli, steamed basamati rice, and Thai cucumber salad. (Thai cuke salad = easiest thing in the world. Dice some cucumbers, shred some carrot, douse in rice wine vinegar, add white sugar to taste). It was super yummy – and not that unhealthy! Yes, the Peanut Butter certainly fattened things up, but this is a relatively lean meal with the appropriate amounts of starch, fat, protein and vegetable. I was curious if I’d like a peanut sauce made without coconut milk, but it was very good, in a tangy, rich sort of way – not as creamy, but definitely full-flavored.

Yummy in my Tummy

And for proof that it was good, check out this crazy person in eager anticipation of her upcoming meal:

I'm going to dub this crazed expression my "food face".

What was your last delicious, home-cooked meal?